Common Sense Entertainment VP and Fit To Speak: From The Archives Host Eugene Obah explains the interesting timing of this week’s edition given recent--and recent past--events
This past Friday, we launched a new weekly program: Fit To Speak: From The Archives. Click here to watch the series premiere. In addition to revisiting…
On July 30, 2020, we launched Fit To Speak. THIS FRIDAY, July 29, we launch an extension of CSE Media’s fast-growing franchise—Fit To Speak: From The…
Eugene Obah, host of Fit To Speak and Fit To Speak: From The Archives, reacts to the preliminary result of the State's Attorney race in Baltimore City
Today, it was announced by FIXWMATA that fellow DC Metro critic Unsuck DC Metro died this past weekend. In a future edition of our upcoming series Fit…
In light of today's Elon Musk Twitter news, Fit To Speak host Eugene Obah notes the correct prediction of one of the show's guests
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